Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my friend chuck

I truly appreciate the opportunity to work as a freelancer.

It began with a decade on the bass guitar and subsequent survival of over 600 weddings/functions, countless club dates, studio sessions and an annual Beachcomber 4th of July Extravaganza down in Wellfleet, MA.

I do miss it . . . but still get to stay up all night once in a while with a deadline! These days there's no gear to lift or early morning 'cold tea' at Chinatown's finest post-club hang . . . and it's definitely better for one's family life.

Post music biz I started storyboarding around Boston and eventual had the good fortune to meet and work with many of the fine folks at Hasbro and their Cake Mix Studios.

Here's a thumbnail sequence and a few penciled pages from a Tonka Chuck & Friends kids book which was used as an insert for one of the playsets. I had a great time working with these characters for a fews years - watching them develop into their current 3D selves on Hasbro's Hub TV.

All images © Hasbro so look but please do not copy!


  1. Awesome stuff. Glad you are posting these things for all the world to see. Mayhap someday, can we see how you do a job from start to finish?

  2. Thanks BW . . . and an excellent suggestion for a future post!