Monday, December 19, 2011

Season's Greetings, y'all! Time to roll out the new blog . . .

The plan is to post various works in progress, finished pieces and stumblings from the never-ending journey that is skill set improvement. Also featured will be various inspirational books (in print and out) from my ever growing art how-to/sketchbook/portfolio collection. Once an addicted comic book junkie . . .

In the meantime, thanks to cartoonist extraordinaire Bill White for the Holiday flame-under-arse that helped get me - and the ball - rolling . . . check out the hilarity here:


  1. Glad SOMEONE lit yer fire, even if it was me.

    Looking forward to future posts. Get crackin'!

  2. This looks great John! Can't wait to see more. I'll be checking back often,

  3. BIG help BW . . . and will do!

    Much appreciated David! I'll try to keep things click-worthy . . ..