Thursday, December 22, 2011

kermit welles

I've not yet seen the new Muppet film - definitely on the radar.  I do miss Jim Henson behind (under?) Kermit. Miss Piggy without Frank Oz is another character in my opinion - no disrespect to the current, capable crew - just what I'm used to.

I remember years ago my mom telling me that Sean Connery was the "real" 007. I couldn't imagine anyone BUT Roger Moore in the role at that time . . . so I'm sure the new Muppet voices are just fine for many.

This was done for the Third Rail Design Lab forum as part of the annual "Vlad Fiks Memorial Noir Jam" in memory of a very talented, generous artist who passed away in 2009.

acrylic inks with photoshop copy.


  1. Another gem, John. One request for posts of this nature: It would be nice to know what tools you used to create the piece, whether traditional or digital.

    I do agree with you on the new Muppet performers. Talented as they may be, they lack the nuance of the originators. Still, any Muppets are better than no Muppets, yes?

  2. Thanks BW - agreed - great they're still around!

    And the tools are at the bottom in italics - all acrylic 'cept for any type on this one . . .